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Loyal Woods, a professional natural wood veneer manufacturer, processor and trader, boasts the famous brand   

The materials of the products are from high quality natural woods felled in America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Far East. Depending on the material selection by world class experts, integrating the prime of raw-woods, replaying on the world class equipment and production technology, fully making use of the natural quality of the raw-woods, and with international quality management standard as the processing standard, the high quality natural wood veneer products are manufactured. With the brand principle of “nature and harmony” and the value orientation of “improvement and win-win”, Masterpiece products have been holding the tenet of nature, green and environment protection in each aspect as well as the principle of “nature is beauty”, to satisfy people’s requirements on housing and decoration.

The American cherry from Pennsylvania

The red American cherry can only grow under the special longitude and latitude in northeast America and in the earth with a PH value of 5.33. The cherry materials of Loyal Woods are selected by experts from the U.S. and scientifically classified, and then worked to be wood veneers by high-tech equipment. With smooth and clear lines, good polishing ability and good painting effect, it is applicable for making top grade furniture. It also has perfect mechanical processing performance, fast drying speed and good stability.

The black walnut from central U.S.

The American walnuts are mainly districted in the east of the U.S.. It is manually planted in America and than re-grows naturally. It has smooth and even lines and stability nature, with very good painting and dyeing performance, and perfect surface effect will be gained after polishing.

The American red oak from eastern U.S.

Among the 26 kinds of valuable red oaks in the U.S., the red oak from the east of the U.S. is the most famous one. It grows under the best terrain, appropriate rainfall and other special natural factors, with the biggest feature of showing the natural red color. Besides, it grows in a low speed and has good material performance, so it is the first choice by noble demesnes. The oak veneer of Loyal Woods also adopts this kind of material, and adopts a unique slicing method that surpasses the traditional length, width and thickness, thus to effectively show the “non-artificial and non-complicated” noble American style of the natural and smooth lines of the red oak

The costly American white oak

Widespread the Eastern U.S., the white oak group comprises many species, of which about eight are commercial, The trees prefer rich well drained soil, and average height is 60 to 80 feet. American white Oak is valued for its timber products such as furniture, panels, doors, and flooring.
The white Oak is the most common tree species of the Eastern United States and is not endangered.

The ebony known as the “King of Wood”

The ebony of Loyal Woods comes from Sulawesi of Indonesia. It has firm quality and is one of rare sunken woods at present. It has dark black color with white-brown and reddish brown lines. It has good polishing surface after processing and is the top grade decoration material.

The “VIP” of decoration, fraxinus rhynchophylla

The fraxinus rhynchophylla of Loyal Woods is from the northeast of China and east of Russia. Its unique pattern is favored by many decoration designers. It is applicable for internal decoration of cars, yachts, making musical instrument, etc. At the same time it is also a good decoration material, and through painting or dyeing, the unexpected good effect can be achieved.

The mahogany crotch khaya ivorensis with the value of collection

The mahogany crotches of Loyal Woods are from middle America and Africa. They are easy to process, anti-efflorescing and moth-eating, and almost never crack. The mahogany crotches from Honduras are the most famous ones. The mahogany crotch khaya ivorensis are very expensive and they are also very expensive decoration materials. People from Europe usually collect them as treasures and price them according to their length.

The “unique” Brazilian santos rosewood

The Brazilian santos rosewoods of Loyal Woods are from the guibourtia of Africa, and are also known as Brazilian rosewood. They have fragrant smell and diversified colors, almost each tree has different color, with the unique aesthetic judgment. They have clear and luxurious lines and firm quality as the wood of the highest grade. They are applicable for laminated board of acoustics, top grade furniture and decoration of star hotels.

American Timber

North America is located between 23°N - 49°N where most areas turn out to be North temperate zone and semitropics zone. With proper climate and rainfall, it becomes one of the main wood supply regions all over the world. Abundant in rainfall and underground water with other special natural factors together, this zone is the most advantaged place to grow unique American timbers. For example, the light red American Cherry can only be grown at the special longitude and latitude in the northeast America in soil with PH value at 5.33; the fine uniform grained black walnut with stable physical properties can only be grown here either.

American Cherry American Black Walnut American Red Oak American White Oak
Brazilian Santos Rosewood White Ash Burl Bird’s Eye Maple Black Walnut
African woods

African boasts 21% of the tropical rainforests in the earth, which are distributed in Congo Basin, Guinea Bay and east of Madagascar. The rainforest can provide rich rosewood, chiorophra spp, pafricamum brenan, walnut and other rare woods. To compare with woods from other rainforests, the American woods have bright color and clear lines, with unique features.

Anigre Okoume Zebra Wood Bubinga
Sapelli  Mahogany Figured Macore  
European woods

with luster, string lines, smooth and even structure, middle weight, appropriate dry shrinking rate, easy for processing, smooth section, good dyeing, polishing and bending ability, and middle drying speed, but not wearable. It is applicable for veneers, rotary-cut plates, plywood, furniture, flooring and indoor decoration. The Schneider zelkova from Europe which is known as “Mother of Forest” has white sapwood and light red heartwood, with straight or crossed lines, very interesting.

White Ash Burl White Ash Burl Mappa Burl Mappa Burl
Figured Sycamore  Steamed beech    
South Asia woods

from the tropical rainforests under warm weather and humid air, so the woods grow very fast and it takes short years to become useful, so the circulating utility rate is high. The woods are bright, beautiful and wearable, with little dry matter accumulation. The guide pipes in the fiber layer are thick and big so it is easy to absorb moisture after being processed.

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Basswood Ebony Gold Teak Burl Chinese Maple Burl
Burmese Teak  Southwest Birch     
Northeast & Far East woods

Northeast Fast East wood is called Northeast wood for short, with the provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang of China and Russia, especially Irkutsk of Russia, as the representative. The climate of Irkutsk belongs to continental climate and about 76% of the area is covered by forests, with the wood reserves up to 9.2 billion cubic meters, which is more than 10% of the wood reserves of the entire Russia. Irkutsk is a large wood base of Russia, with good quality index – high centralization of reserves of good quality trees and degree of utility and development.
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Ash Elm Chinese Oak
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