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Raw-wood purchase/transportation
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Loyal Raw-wood Trading Department has been devoting to raw-wood purchase and marketing for the past 10 years depending on its global-wide raw-wood purchase supply chains, professional purchase groups, world class experts in wood industry, and top grade supporting services. With the base of Africa woods and American woods, the department also operates European woods, Northeast woods, Southwest woods, etc., with its marketing networks covering Europe, Asia and North America. In the strategic alignment of operation, Loyal Woods Raw-wood Trading Department has been trying best to developing the domestic market and fully brought into play its advantage of global raw-wood purchase and supply to serve the wood manufacturing industry in China. (Beside the large picture)
World-class purchase

The Raw-wood Trading Department of Loyal Woods has established a raw-wood purchase office in the U.S., which has rich experiences in purchase and great advantages. The office has large quantity of purchase networks in North America and has established long-term partnership with the forest felling companies, to ensure the stability of the supply of raw woods. In addition, the Company has established good relationship with the same trade in Europe, and has a large quality of fixed supplier of Europe woods and Africa woods.



为了确保用材的精良,公司常年聘请资深木业专家前往全球各大林区采购采购上好原木,建立良好的采购网络,公司设在美国的原木采购机构拥有一支装也的采购团队,团队由世界级的资深木业专家马文· 格拉夫先生等三位拥有25年以上原木采购经验的专家组成骨干。每人仅负责一个品种的专项采购,一对一的精挑细选和丰富的采购检验经验保证了每一根原木的质量。


Convenient transportation

Loyal Raw-wood Purchase Office is located in South Hill at the center of the east coast of the U.S., which is close to the ports of Norfolk, Virginia, Baltimore Maryland, and Charleston, South Carolina. The good location provides convenience to oversea transportation.

Convenient customs declaration

Loyal Raw-wood Purchase Office adopts the advanced TMBERSOFT software which can sort and record the information of each purchased raw-wood and provide to customers with accurate document and information to bring convenience for the customers to receive cargo at destination port and finish customs declaration quickly.

Convenient shipping

with three raw-wood classification and loading yards, experiences felling and shipping staff, most advanced equipment, the raw-woods can be loaded into the container completely and quickly. The advanced loading equipment minimizes the damage to the surface of the raw-woods. All raw-woods are waxed to prevent breaking.

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