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Forest distribution
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Loyal Raw-wood Trading Department has been devoting to raw-wood purchase and marketing for the past 10 years depending on its global-wide raw-wood purchase supply chains, professional purchase groups, world class experts in wood industry, and top grade supporting services. With the base of Africa woods and American woods, the department also operates European woods, Northeast woods, Southwest woods, etc., with its marketing networks covering Europe, Asia and North America. In the strategic alignment of operation, Loyal Woods Raw-wood Trading Department has been trying best to developing the domestic market and fully brought into play its advantage of global raw-wood purchase and supply to serve the wood manufacturing industry in China. (Beside the large picture)

(Formal name: jatoba; other names: jatoba, red hardwood, North American red wood)
The heartwood of North American Cherry varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken on exposure to light. The wood has a fine uniform, straight grain, satiny, smooth texture and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. Cherry wood is of medium density with good bending property, low stiffness, medium strength and shock resistance. The wood is highly resistant to decay and the fine wavy appearance, excellent performance make it very favorable.

White oak

(Formal name: oak; other name: white oak )
The white oak from east of the U.S. is the representative. The white oak has light color with light brown to dark brown heartwood. Most of the lines of the white oak are straight and rough, and the marrow radial is longer than that of the red oak, so the lines of the white oak can form more patterns. The white oak is firm and heavy, with middle anti-bending ability and low rigidity, but very good anti-stream bending ability. In the south, the oak grows faster, with wide annual ring, and the quality is harder and heavier. The heartwood has good anti-corrosion ability and it is hard for the anti-corrosion agent to penetrate in, and the wood has middle anti-corrosion agent penetration ability.

Black Walnut

American Black Walnut has light brown to dark brown heartwood, with wave-like or curving dark lines and delicate and even structure. The wood is very strong and has best stability in size. It is a kind of senior and high quality and a most durable anti-corrosion wood.
The heartwood of American Black Walnut is light brown to dark chocolate brown, with a wavy or curly grain and has medium density. Walnut wood has good dimensional stability, and rated as very resistant to heartwood decay. it is one of the most durable woods .

Red oak

The American Red Oak has pink to reddish brown heartwood, with clear lines which are usually straight. The wood quality is firm and heavy, applicable to diversified designs. They are usually used for indoor decoration, furniture, floor, etc.

African woods

African boasts 21% of the tropical rainforests in the earth, which are distributed in Congo Basin, Guinea Bay and east of Madagascar. The rainforest can provide rich rosewood, chiorophra spp, pafricamum brenan, walnut and other rare woods.

To compare with woods from other rainforests, the American woods have bright color and clear lines, with unique features.

Anigre Okoume Zebra Wood Santos Rosewood
Sapelli  Mahogany  Figured Macore   
European woods


with luster, string lines, smooth and even structure, middle weight, appropriate dry shrinking rate, easy for processing, smooth section, good dyeing, polishing and bending ability, and middle drying speed, but not wearable. It is applicable for veneers, rotary-cut plates, plywood, furniture, flooring and indoor decoration. The Schneider zelkova from Europe which is known as “Mother of Forest” has white sapwood and light red heartwood, with straight or crossed lines, very interesting.

Poplar European Poplar European Maple European Red Oak
European Beech Sycomore     
South Asia woods

from the tropical rainforests under warm weather and humid air, so the woods grow very fast and it takes short years to become useful, so the circulating utility rate is high. The woods are bright, beautiful and wearable, with little dry matter accumulation. The guide pipes in the fiber layer are thick and big so it is easy to absorb moisture after being processed.

Category: teak, merbau, scente-drosee wood, kempas, nanmu, hemlock, costus

Basswood Bubinga Gold Teak Phoebe
Burmese Teak  Southwest Birch  Padauk  
Northeast & Far East woods

Northeast Fast East wood is called Northeast wood for short, with the provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang of China and Russia, especially Irkutsk of Russia, as the representative. The climate of Irkutsk belongs to continental climate and about 76% of the area is covered by forests, with the wood reserves up to 9.2 billion cubic meters, which is more than 10% of the wood reserves of the entire Russia. Irkutsk is a large wood base of Russia, with good quality index – high centralization of reserves of good quality trees and degree of utility and development.
Main category: fraxinus mandshurica, quercus mongolica, basswood, larch, birch, spruce, cedar

Birch Basswood Red Cedar Pine
Spruce Hemlock Ash Chinese Oak
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