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Laminated board and match board
Laminated board and match board are one of the early services provided by Loyal Woods when entering this industry. From the traditional decoration board and primary processing at the early time, we have developed into professional green and environment-friendly decoration board, furniture veneer combination and match board processing at present. Through ten years hard work and development, we have accumulated rich experiences in the industry, and now we already have a great number of customers. We can work on high density, high strength, multi-layer and wood core boards of different specifications according to requirements of our customers.

Processing flow:

10 years experience in the industry and top class processing technology


Working procedure of lamination

Cutting: accurate cutting equipment and skillful technology ensure the flatness of the wood veneer and the accuracy of the date.
Pressing board: all incoming boards are cleaned and preprocessed by pressing for the preliminary work.
Gumming: using imported professional wood veneer for gumming, which can be evenly laid on the surface of the board, with the advantages of environment-friendly, high strength, good solvent resistance and heat resistance.
Laminating: with the support of advanced equipment,
Cold pressing: heavy duty cold pressing equipment can gradually penetrate the gum into the wood veneer and board and bind them together.
Edge cutting: the sharp cutter and skillful technology can keep the wood veneer and the board in the same line and make sure the edge is smooth.
Hot pressing: Hot pressing: through high strength stretching and pressing by high temperature equipment, the wood veneer and board can generate macromolecule and bind together firmly, as the wood veneer is a connatural part of the board.
Mending: in order to make sure the surface is flat, better combine together the wood veneers and unify the lines, Loyal Woods consider mending as a very importing work procedure.
Polishing: through grinding and polishing of the by the electric sander, the mark left by processing is removed so that the surface can be flat and smooth.

Work procedure of matching

Cutting: cut the wood veneer into basic shapes according to the required pattern and unify their sizes.
Matching:taking wood veneer as the material and with the skillful technology, we can arrange all kinds of patterns.
Laminating: laminate the matched pattern on high quality board.
Gum pressing: make the pattern more stable through gum pressing. Loyal Woods can control the pressing strength according to different material.
Mending: to try our best to make the perfect matching so that the pattern arranged by the lines of the wood veneer will look as its connatural one.
Polishing: to make the surface smooth and even through grinding and polishing to facilitates the painting in the future.

Cutting Matching Gumming
Edge cutting  Mending   
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